Purpose Built Imaging Informatics

At Radiologics, we focus on improving the efficiency and utility of imaging in clinical research. Clinical research is increasingly dependent on medical imaging. Indeed, over 8000 ongoing trials depend on one or more forms of imaging data – MRI, PET, CT, X-Ray, and an array of other modalities. Our software was built from the ground up to support imaging in these studies. We don’t cobble research workflows onto patient imaging “PACS” systems. We don’t add imaging as an afterthought to clinical forms “eCRF” systems. We do imaging informatics for clinical research.

Our Team


Dan Marcus, PhD: Founder, President

Dr. Marcus is Associate Professor of Radiology at Washington University, Director of the Neuroinformatics Research Group, and Founder and President of Radiologics. He is a recognized leader in the development and operation of imaging informatics solutions, authoring dozens of papers and serving on many industry and academic advisory boards. He received his PhD in Neuroscience and Bachelors in Biology and English Literature, both at Washington University.

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Tim Olsen

Tim joined Radiologics as a partner and CTO at its founding. He leads the software development and technical services programs, including as the chief architect of XNAT CR. Prior to joining Radiologics, Tim was the lead developer of XNAT at Washington University. In this role, he designed and implemented many of the features that are still at XNAT’s core. Tim has authored many imaging informatics papers and is a leading voice in the imaging informatics community.

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Rick Herrick
Director, Operations

Rick oversees Radiologics’ operations and technical support. Rick has been a member of the XNAT team at Washington University since 2011, serving as lead architect since 2012. Prior to joining the WashU and Radiologics teams, Rick was a senior software developer at Tapestry Solutions and Washington Mutual.

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Patrick Clough
Director, Quality Assurance

Patrick leads Radiologics’ quality assurance team, including all regulatory programs and software testing. For some reason, he really likes doing this. Patrick has served in various QA management roles for over a decade, including 3 years in the medical imaging field. Prior to joining Radiologics, Patrick was business analyst and mangemenet of QA operations at Safety National.

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Will Horton
Director, User Experience

Will guides User Experience for all Radiologics applications. He has been a professional information designer for more than 15 years, serving clients that range from technology start-ups to global enterprises such as Microsoft and Boeing. For the last five years he has been working with XNAT, designing custom UI for the Human Connectome Project and other research studies. He has worked with Radiologics since 2013.

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Chip Schweiss
Director, Cloud Services and Security

Chip architects the Radiologics Cloud and oversees our corporate information security practices.  Chip also leads the computing section of the Neuroinformatics Research Group at Washington University.  He has been architecting software, computing systems and networks professionally for over 20 years.